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MSc. Sarah van Erp

Lead Lab Manager & Chief Quality Officer

MSc. Sarah van Erp holds dual roles as the Lab Manager and Chief Quality Officer at Mozand laboratory. She oversees the comprehensive diagnostics provided, ensuring each aligns with the stringent ISO 15189 standards for Medical Laboratories.

For Sarah, quality and innovation are the twin pillars of her profession. “My role mandates that all processes adhere to the ISO 15189 standards, and I’m continually seeking ways to enhance and uphold these standards,” she explains. “In the realm of innovation, I’m actively involved in pioneering DNA sequencing tests, with a keen focus on pharmacogenetics and microbiome studies. Our collaborative research with UMCU and KNCV also delves into monitoring respiratory infections and antibiotic resistance in developing nations.”


Sarah emphasizes the dynamic nature of her role, stating, “The diverse tasks ensure that each day is unique. Crafting new protocols and being a part of groundbreaking research projects not only presents intriguing challenges but also fosters personal growth. Securing the ISO accreditation was a milestone that filled our team with immense pride.”


  • Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences, specializing in Molecular Life Sciences
  • Master’s in Biomedical Sciences with a focus on Genetics & Genomics

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