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Dr. Renée Schootbrugge-Timmerman, MSc


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At Easly, Dr. Renée Schootbrugge-Timmerman collaborates closely with her medical colleagues to deliver a broad spectrum of care, encompassing preventive measures and STD treatments. Her expertise also extends to offering medical insights for various pioneering projects.

“Easly stands at the forefront of healthcare evolution, aiming to bridge the existing gaps in Dutch healthcare through innovative solutions,” remarks Dr. Schootbrugge-Timmerman. “For instance, we’re addressing the pressing shortage of general practitioners by transitioning towards digital healthcare services.”


Having honed her skills in Intensive Care, Dr. Schootbrugge-Timmerman has witnessed the severe repercussions of lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. “Yet, it’s these very conditions where our personal choices can make a significant difference. Embracing a healthy lifestyle can often deter the onset of such diseases or mitigate their gravest impacts.”


“In today’s world, with escalating demands on healthcare and overcrowded medical facilities, it’s crucial to prioritize preventive measures and enlighten patients about the essence of a wholesome lifestyle,” she emphasizes. “As a physician, my vision extends beyond treating the sick. I’m equally dedicated to the well-being of those in good health, striving relentlessly to enhance and preserve it.”


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