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drs. Elise Janssen

Medical content writer

BIG: 69925227301

Drs. Elise Janssen completed her MSc. in Medicine at the Free University, Amsterdam. She is currently training as a family physician at Amsterdam UmC. For Easly, she writes medical blogs and reviews medical texts.

Drs. Elise Janssen strongly believes in the power of prevention. “With the right preventive measures, many diseases can be prevented,” she says. ‘My job as a doctor is to convey my knowledge about prevention in an understandable way, so that people can apply preventive measures in their daily lives with the right knowledge. I do this by counseling people 1-on-1 in general practice and by writing medical blogs through Easly for the wider public.’



  • MSc. in Medicine (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)
  • In training to become a general practitioner (Amsterdam UMC)

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