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Mr. Drs. Tamara Garsten

Physician and Legal Expert

BIG: 49932260901

Drs. Tamara Garsten boasts a dual qualification as both a physician and a lawyer, a distinctive blend that positions her to contribute to Easly’s healthcare services and navigate the intricacies of health law.

“I actively participate in all of Easly’s healthcare initiatives, with the exception of STD care,” reveals Garsten. “Beyond interpreting blood test outcomes, I offer insights on upcoming projects from a medical perspective. Leveraging my legal expertise, I ensure that Easly consistently aligns with the stringent legal standards expected of a healthcare provider.”

For Garsten, being a physician in a trailblazing company is a rewarding experience. “It’s invigorating to be part of a corporate setting where I can apply my medical acumen beyond just clinical scenarios,” she articulates. “Easly presents a unique platform where I can seamlessly integrate my medical and legal proficiencies.”


  • Medicine (AUMC)
  • Bachelor of Law (UvA)
  • Master’s in Health Law (UvA)

Medical Board

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