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Easly offers students a 20% discount on STI and scabies tests

Table of contents

The annual introduction weeks for students have started again. To assist students experiencing STI-like symptoms or itching, Easly has partnered with Students can avail a 20% discount when purchasing a scabies or STI test.

The introductory period is a time of many (new) contacts, increasing the risk of contracting scabies or an STI. Regarding scabies, students are already at a higher risk. In December 2022, scabies broke out among students in several cities, prompting doctors in Groningen, for example, to launch a campaign with some student associations to reduce scabies.


Timely testing is one of the main measures to prevent further spread of scabies. Furthermore, a timely diagnosis enables a quick start to treatment, putting an end to the annoying itching and scratching.


Easly is a fully certified online testing provider with its own laboratory specializing in STI diagnostics and scabies. The STI test is completely anonymous. To make testing for scabies and STIs even more accessible and to support students with limited finances, Easly now offers a 20% discount on STI and scabies tests through

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