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Basic STD test

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This STD test kit from Easly is part of our range of STD self test kits. The STD Basic package tests for the two most common STDs: chlamydia and gonorrhoea. This test is suitable if you want to test for the two most common STDs as a precaution, for example because you have started a new relationship. When ordering this test kit, choose between a test for men or a test for women. Additionally, you can add extra takings according to your sexual behaviour. This test includes a medical test certificate.

What is tested for?

Additional information


At home chlamydia test, Gonorrhea

How to take your sample:

Urine, Vaginal swab, Anal swab, Oral swab

How it works


Order your test online

Easily order the test of your choice online. Tracking the development of your values over a longer period of time? Order multiple packages immediately.


Free and discreet delivery

You easily order a test kit of your choice. If you like to schedule subsequent tests ahead choose multiple packages.


Take your own sample

Activate the test and take your sample in the morning. Send it back the same day, free of charge, with the enclosed shipping label.


Processing in certified lab

Easly has a fully certified laboratory, where expert personnel process your sample. Professional and accurate.