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MSc. Dafna Eiloz

Lead Lab Manager & Bioinformatics Specialist

At the helm of Mozand’s laboratory operations, Dafna Eiloz oversees a comprehensive range of diagnostics. Beyond routine diagnostics, she’s instrumental in pioneering new DNA sequencing tests and actively collaborates on research initiatives with the KNCV Tuberculosis Fund.

Dafna thrives in a dynamic setting that champions quality and offers diverse challenges. “No two days in the lab are identical,” she expresses. “The thrill of devising new tests and the accompanying research is particularly rewarding. Playing a key role in securing the ISO accreditation was a monumental achievement, and its attainment filled me with immense pride.”


The scope of work in the lab is vast, encompassing the detection of various pathogens through PCR. This includes diagnostics for STDs, skin and nail fungi, scabies, intestinal infections, corona, influenza, vaginitis, and candida. Eiloz elaborates, “We’re on the cusp of introducing new tests leveraging DNA sequencing, specifically a pharmacogenetic test and microbiome analysis. These sophisticated tests necessitate intricate data analysis, demanding the use of specialized bioinformatics tools and the creation of tailored analysis pipelines.”


  • Bachelor’s in Bioinformatics
  • Master’s in Medical Biology with a focus on Medical Epigenetics/Human Genetics

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