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Cure4Life incorporates Easly medical test into its weight loss programs

Table of contents

Easly has developed a test for Cure4Life, a provider of personalized, medically responsible nutrition programs, which will be used during the intake of advisory processes. This enhances the service provided by Cure4Life, according to director Leo Wijnsma: ‘With Easly’s test, it becomes much easier for our clients to undergo the program intake.’


Cure4Life helps people restore the imbalance in their bodies and regulate hormone levels. This enables food to be converted into energy rather than fat, improving overall health. The company achieves this by offering medically responsible, tailor-made programs. With success: the average Cure4Life client loses 17.3 kilos and experiences an improvement in overall health.

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Easly CEO, Jeroen de Jong, states that the blood and urine tests by Easly are now standard in Cure4Life’s nutrition programs.

Quote Jeroen de Jong

The test includes both blood and urine analysis. Customers can choose whether to collect the blood sample themselves at home with a finger prick or have it taken at one of the 850 affiliated locations in the Netherlands. The blood test covers a range of biomarkers: total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, Gamma GT (liver), TSH (thyroid), creatinine (kidneys), HbA1c (diabetes), vitamin D, and B12. The urine sample is tested for blood, glucose, pH value, bilirubin, urobilinogen, protein, ketones and nitrite.

The test results are shared with the client, who then shares them with Cure4Life’s advisory team. At the end of the Cure4Life program, the test can be repeated to see how the values have improved.

Confidentiality and data security were important reasons for Cure4Life to collaborate with Easly, says director Leo Wijnsma.

Quote Leo Wijnsma

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